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  • The bioremediation is a complex process qualitative and quantitative aspects of which depend on the type and the rate of the contaminating materials as well as the environmental and seasonal conditions. Furthermore the content of the microbiological associations being presented on the spot is also a very important factor. Normally the most contaminated soils contain giant populations of the appropriate microorganisms. Our controlled and accelerated biodegradation technology is based dominantly on the population isolated on the spot and performed through “ex - situ on site landfarming” method.

HM granules

  • This vegetable-origin granular material can be used for the cleansing and polishing b of wide variety (metal, wood, glass, plastics, stone, and mortar, electric isolation devices) of surfaces. Its use is especially recommended in those operations, where the environmental-friendly solutions are required.

Special, vegetable based additives for drilling mud

  • Our environmental-friendly material is applicable to fulfill the well operations on high level.

Systems, operating from external, natural energy sources

  • PVC-based sheets and foils, aerosol lacquers produced by the adding of the phosphorescent materials and components and having prolonged and high-intensity afterglow time after illuminated by natural light

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