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„ The Green Company”

The Hódmarket Kft was founded in 1988 as a private company. After the first steps - based on the domestic trade – the company’s activity was expanded to the export-import transactions.

Among others the most important partners are in France, Germany, Poland, USA and Russia. Recently sufficient import was made from China toward our Hungarian partners.

Our connections are supported by Commercial Chamber’s membership on the Russian and the Chinese markets as well.


One of our main products is the special, vegetable-based additive for drilling muds, which are used in oil, gas and thermal water drilling operations.


In 2000 a new era has been started in the company’s life. The earlier developments offered possibilities to establish contacts with the Napier University, Edinburgh, UK and the Ural Section of the Russian Academy of Sciences, located in Perm, Russia. Together with specialists of the above mentioned organizations we performed under the project INTAS – 2001 the cleansing of the hydrocarbon-contaminated soils during a four-year period. The project was financially supported by the EU.


In 2008 together with the firm EKS Service Budapest Kft we finished the remediation operations of the refueling station on the facility of the Puskin Tej Kft, Szegvár.


With our development activities we cooperated with the partner company of the BC Ongropack Kft in the realization of the following products:

  • Replacement of the additives for the PVC-foam
  • Foil type LUMI-HOD 107 B with extended afterglow time.


Today we are working on the development of the super-shine LUMI – HOD aerosol lacquer with prolonged afterglow time


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